Lordon Chase is closed for paragliding due to National Trust statement - please do not fly until further notice. !!!

Lardon Chase commands an outstanding view of Goring with the bridge in the centre of the town and the locks and weir highlighted below. It is a prominent hill with a steep south-east face, a shallower un-launchable tree-covered east face and a shallow un-soarable northerly slope adjacent to the Goring and Streatley Golf Club. The south-east face is soarable, with a tight top landing area and a good bottom landing area, albeit with cables running parallel with the road . It can be quite a thermic site, but caution must be displayed in dynamic lift conditions because of the upwind airflow.

To gain access to the site, drive up the steep hill from the crossroads passing the Bull public house car park on your left. Turn sharp right at the brow of the hill where there is a National Trust car park. From here walk along path until you get to the steepest part of the hill ( looking down on Goring ). Take- Off is just to the right of the bushes that flank the hill, Note the cables at the bottom!

Ordnance survey Map: Explorer 170 SU 588810

Wind Directions: South - east to east. Best direction: S.E.

Height above sea level: 440ft. Top to bottom height 220 ft.

Cross country potential: CCP Class G to 4500 ft. No XC flights to date.

Best height gain: 200 ft.

Pilot level: 50 hrs plus