An interesting site! Facing east to north-east , it is one of only a few hills in the

Thames Valley that will accommodate this wind direction. The ridge is steep but tree covered. Take-off is from a small clearing .

    The view is stunning with Streatley andmGoring below and the river Thames sparkling in the morning sunshine.

BEWARE, the take- off is very intimidating because of the surrounding trees and a

power line just below launch that runs through the trees parallel with the ridge.           The wind speed at take-off is often deceptively light (dead air!). It is possible to take off and land back at the launch point, but very tricky! Top landing is possible at the south end of the ridge, but again not easy . It is possible to bottom land at the south end of the ridge in a tight scrubby area, but this is the only safe option.

This site is for VERY EXPERIENCED PILOTS ONLY!. If you get blown back you

will have trees and rotor to contend with!!



Access is from National Trust Car Park for Lardon Chase. Cross over road and

follow footpath until you come to trees at top of hill. Narrow footpath to left leads to

clearing with bench/benches. Popular with dog walkers .

Ordinance Survey Map: Explorer 170 SU 591 803

Wind Directions: East - North-east. Best direction E.N.E.

Height above sea level: 430 ft. Top to bottom height 275 ft.

Cross country potential: Class G airspace to 4500ft . XC potential extremely good

but no flights to date .

Best height gain: 25 ft .( wind too light )

Pilot level: Very experienced 150 hrs +